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A Pit Boss in a Casino ⭐️ Who is a Pit Boss?

Pit boss in a casino - what does the specialist mostly do, as well as what is the responsibility of one of the highest paid casino workers, which is not talked about aloud. Watching the pit boss change cards in a hurry, answering the phone at the same time, listening to the scolding of a disgruntled customer, throwing a drunk player out by the scruff of the neck, and filling out a pile of papers, you can understand that this job requires a lot of skills and a high level of stress resistance. Pit boss (pit boss) is always part of the casino staff To make the customer enjoy not only winning, but also from spending time in the gambling establishment, works a whole staff:  Manager, whose main task is to organize the system of the casino;  pit boss - the manager who controls the very process of the game;  Dealer or dealer - a person who leads the game;  Inspector, who oversees the work of the dealer;  Administrator - the duties of which include working with clients;  Host - an employee who

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