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Global online gambling is changing: upcoming trends

 The country that holds the most authoritative license in the world has asked new questions to new online casinos- . The U.K. has developed regulatory innovations. A little backstory In the mid-20th century, England legalized almost all types of gambling. Ahead of many countries, in 2005, the state updated the old orders with the Gambling Act. Land-based and online casinos secured legal status. Already in 2007 the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) was established to deal with gambling issues. Year after year, the business has grown and developed, becoming a major revenue stream for the Ministries of Sports and Health. According to various studies, about 65% of Britons gamble at least once a year. The news feeds of the mainstream British media now say mainly three things: gambling in Britain is flourishing and generating new revenues, the country is expanding the reach of gambling, and there is another round of discussions about regulation. The Chal

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